Asha Khunt Balar, aged 28 years, a finance consultant can usually be found reading a book while waiting for bankers to meet, 5 minutes before going to office or on holidays, while travelling, and that book will more likely be a novel, self-help and spiritual enlightenment.

Two years back, she has started her journey as a writer though the nature is preparing her since a decade by reading 1000s of books and she come up with her new Novel “THE FLOWING HEART”

When not absorbed in work at office and writing, she loves cooking, feeling lost while sewing and enjoy doing exercise and meditation. She lives in Surat with her husband and extended family.

She believes that we always learn through stories, stories have a power to teach, to heal and to transcend.

Her mission is to uplift people from their own barriers created by love, anger, dependency, fear, inferiority and all kind of negative emotions.

Stories can teach, heal and transcend