What is love?
For women it’s a freedom, for a man it’s a bondage.
Look at the women in love,
She flies like a sparrow.
She walks like a queen.
She sings like a flowing water.
She works like a blowing wind.
She found wings.
Now look at the man in love,
His blitheness turns into care.
His bitterness becomes his silence.
His anger converts into joy.
His inferiority becomes his confidence.
His freedom turns into responsibility.
He found home.

When I love you
I feel scared
I feel worried.
I feel taken over.
I think love comes with fear.
“fear of losing you”

I can walk on fire.
I can jump in river.
I can fly without wings.
I can fight with whole word.
“but only if you are happy”

Your undivided attention
dragging me towards you
Though I know
we are parallel line of river.

It is said that
Love is blind
Because It closes your eyes
You forget about what is right and wrong
And you move inward
You transcend.

I am in your sight all the time,
You make me feel comfortable everywhere,
You want to show me your world,
Do you love me?

I wish
my love could touch your soul
Without let you feel that
I love you
8.When I call you
I listen
Your voice
Rocky and booming
I feel taken care of.

I realised
Sometimes silence can
Survive relationship.

Sometimes I want
To sit with you
To feel alive.

I want to be your prayer
To know what you want
And help you
To find it out.

Don’t be unhappy without me
As happiness is not linked
With any person,
It is eternal.

I found
We are companion
for some time
We are not meant to
Live together.

I wish
I could live with you for a day
To let you know
I am nothing without you

Whenever I run from you
Universe use its power
I found you
Standing infront of me
To embrace me.

It’s a trap
We have created within us
That true lovers
Never met.

When you fail
against the world
And want to quit
I will become your faith
Your courage.

We forget us
Though we are living together
Don’t you think
We are taking us granted

I want to hide
In your heart
So that
No separation
No longing
Only we are forever.

How much i tried
To uninstall you
The truth is
You became my system app
Without you
my operating system can’t be boot.

Though there is no
Committed relation
between us,
I wish,
you just ask me
How are you??
Your attention might help me
To be alright.

You show me light
In dark and spooky light
And you move on
When I bent down
To remove thorn
Sharp and stiff
May be you feel that
I am not interested
But I am still searching you

I try to ignore you
For a moment
When you are unconcerned
Then I am hopeful again
Let give time to time
My mind draw curtain over truth
And the play is going on
May be Till I take last breath.

I try to hold on many things
for a longer time
but one day I found
universe has its own game
you are mere its cards.

It is said that
“life becomes out of your own choice”
But I want to ask
“who creates choices??”
“Universe?” or “our karma?

I try to hold on many things
for a longer time
but one day I found
universe has its own game
you are mere its cards.